The Digital Interactivity Landscape

A globally comprehensive list of CMS-neutral vendors providing technology
that can trigger a response in Digital Signage and DooH content.

Jointly produced by Intuiface and invidis, the Digital Interactivity Landscape is a visual representation of the exploding market for human-machine interaction technologies used in place-based deployments like digital signage, kiosks, and digital-out-of-home (DooH). Free for download, this poster currently features nine categories of interactive technology and more than 130 CMS-neutral vendors, each (in the pdf version) hyperlinked to their homepage. The Landscape will be updated throughout the year and missing vendors are encouraged to contact the publishers about inclusion.

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Webinar: A Walk Through the Digital Interactivity Landscape

Join Intuiface and invidis for their introduction of the Digital Interactivity Landscape. Each interactive category is analyzed for its strengths and weaknesses, general recommendations for interactivity are shared, and a live Q&A session wraps up the event.